Skill Sets:


  1. Intro to Flash
  2. User Input
  3. Fancy Controls 1
  4. Control Flow: if
  5. Control Flow: loop
  6. Nested Structures
  7. Graphics 1
  8. Arrays
  9. Strings
  10. Mouse Movement
  11. Functions
  12. Grouping Images
  13. Graphical Support
  14. Animation
  15. Physics
  16. 2010 Grade 10 Summative showcase
  17. 2010 Grade 11 Summatives
  18. 2011 Grade 10 Summatives
  19. 2011 Grade 11/12 Summatives
  20. Sept 2011 Grade 11 Summatives
  21. Sept 2011 Grade 10 Summatives
  22. Feb 2012 Grade 10 Summatives
  23. Sept 2012 Summatives
  24. Feb 2013 Grade 12 Summatives
  25. Feb 2013 2OI Summatives
  26. Sept 2013 Summatives

Sept 2013 Summative showcase:

This is the first time that I have to put each project in a separate folder - since so many of you are using external files. Better to just create links here, rather than in the upper menu area:

Let's start with Aaron and Zach.

Not only is this a solid game, these guys are using a lot of Grade 12 concepts in their code that you will not be able to admire.

They also handle image rotation through a Matrix class, which is necessary if you use loaders for your images. Well done guys!

Max, Ara, and Ariel did a great side-scroller.

Adam is topical - save Brian.

Ashleigh and Jenny did a great finger dancing game.

Steve's maze is fantastic.

Cam and Matt created a fun zombie game.

Keaton and Nick's maze game.

Reuban's maze.

Ariana, Aidan and Zach did a great job!

This is Matt, Connor, and Brydan's triangle game.