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  1. Intro to Flash
  2. User Input
  3. Fancy Controls 1
  4. Control Flow: if
  5. Control Flow: loop
  6. Nested Structures
  7. Graphics 1
  8. Arrays
  9. Strings
  10. Mouse Movement
  11. Functions
  12. Grouping Images
  13. Graphical Support
  14. Animation
  15. Physics
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Animation: Old School

This lesson/skill set is sponsored by a Grade 10 student: Connor. For his summative assignment, he tried to get a guy moving around in an animated way - old school. He wanted to rotate through a loop of stick figures, and these stick figures would change based on the direction that the person was moving. Sounds simple enough, but for a Grade 10 student, doing this for the first time is a significant challenge. It never quite worked for Connor, probably because of his teacher, so I passed the challenge over to a Grade 12 student, Kyle, who refined it. Finally Mubashar, a Grade 11 student fixed it up some more. Now, I'm turning it into a lesson.

The steps:

1. First you have to load the images into your program. This will be done through url requests, and each image will be loaded into different arrays.

2. Next, we need to create a timer that will rotate through all of the images based on the direction that the user is pointing toward. The timer will also update the coordinates of the image.

3. Finally, we will need some keyboard listeners that will re-direct the image.


Let's see what it looks like:

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