Skill Sets:


  1. Intro to Flash
  2. User Input
  3. Fancy Controls 1
  4. Control Flow: if
  5. Control Flow: loop
  6. Nested Structures
  7. Graphics 1
  8. Arrays
  9. Strings
  10. Mouse Movement
  11. Functions
  12. Grouping Images
  13. Graphical Support
  14. Animation
  15. Physics
  16. 2010 Grade 10 Summative showcase
  17. 2010 Grade 11 Summatives
  18. 2011 Grade 10 Summatives
  19. 2011 Grade 11/12 Summatives
  20. Sept 2011 Grade 11 Summatives
  21. Sept 2011 Grade 10 Summatives
  22. Feb 2012 Grade 10 Summatives
  23. Sept 2012 Summatives
  24. Feb 2013 Grade 12 Summatives
  25. Feb 2013 2OI Summatives
  26. Sept 2013 Summatives
  27. Feb 2014 Summatives

User Input

In Skill Set 1, you did a bit of coding by populating variables and then outputting some stuff to debug window (via the trace command) as well as to the stage. It is now time to get the user to input values and then the program will deliver the answers.

There are two ways to create a user interface that will allow the user to give input:
1. Using the drag-and-drop facility within flash.
2. From scratch using an external .as file. Since I'm an old-school programmer, I prefer this method, but I will try to appreciate the merits of the first option.

As we put more objects/components on the stage, it will be very important to be clear with how we name these objects. Whether you make an object from scratch or use the flash gui, clear object names will make your code much more understandable, and easier to debug. Objects should be prefixed in order to tell other programmers what type of object it is, followed by a clear name of what it is supposed to do. For example:

txtName - this is a name of a text box that will be holding a name.
btnCalculate - this is a button that will perform some sort of calculation.
lblGreetings - this is a label the will display some type of greeting.

About naming conventions:

There is no "industry standard" for naming variables or components. We have naming standards for this class. When I introduce a new component, I will share the prefix that I will expect you to use so that your code is as clear as possible. When you surf around for example code on the Internet, you might notice that other programmers don't adhere to my naming conventions. They are allowed to do that. They are not trying to get my credit.